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Having the NIWO license means having the correct and certified business license for transport Companies.

Deli Transport is of course in possession of a NIWO license. This is the entrepreneur license for transport companies. Every five years, NIWO tests transport companies against the four quality requirements:

  • creditworthiness;
  • reliability;
  • professional competence;
  • and actual establishment

NIWO also issues driver attestations for non-EU drivers, driving licenses and ECMT permits and issues T.I.R. Carnets as well.
Deli Transport has a license until April 2025. Our license number is 0355440000.
This license authorizes us to carry out all traffic connections on the territory of the Community of international carriage of goods by road.
We are proud to own this license; an extra point of trust for you, to do business with a recognized company like Deli Transport!
NIWO is an abbreviation for Nationale en Internationale Wegvervoer Organisatie.
This is translated as National and International Road transport Organisation.

NIWO has been the Licence provider for road transport in the Netherlands for many years.

For more information, please have a look at

Deli Transport B.V.

Visiting and Postal address:
Van Maasdijkweg 29
3088 EC Rotterdam

+31 6 14 96 86 50
+31 6 18 23 49 12

KvK Rotterdam: 76941655 (Chamber of Commerce)
BTW Nummer: NL860.847.925B.01 (VAT number)

... if you want to know what Deli Transport can do for you. Together we will go through your transport wishes and offer you custom made solutions. Whether it concerns a package shipment, a pallet or a full truckload.
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